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    Originally posted by Boogie-D View Post
    Aloha guys.... my life has taken a radical turn... my wife has been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and had a triple positive for hers2 estrogen cancer... I can’t begin to explain how difficult it’s been and it’s just gets worse everyday.. definitely the worst time of my families life... I won’t go Into to much detail here... if you want to find out more you can on face book search David Elgas Boogie-d

    I’ll be doing another detailed post on face book soon and there is a go fund me set up for my wife there.. on face book you can learn more about what we’re going through.. it’s f@cked

    as far as the pizza oven goes it’s on the back burner for now... it sucks I have all the oven materials and there scattered all over my house staring me in the face everyday... taunting me... despite all that’s going on with my wife’s cancer and my ever growing farm I hope to get busy on the oven foundation soon... we will see.. I’ve been saying that since cancer... the priority is my wife’s health, my businesses( Covid over), and my farm...

    so if you’ve been wondering what happen to old boogie that’s it... been in the hospital way to much, my business are picking up post Covid, and my farm and bee apiary are growing quickly... and with out my partner I find myself taking on most of the household responsibilities... I hope to be able to report better news and any kind of oven progress when I can... thanks for being here.. aloha \uuu/
    O hell Boogie! Sorry to hear. Cancer is a bastard! Thinking of you and your family and sending good thoughts your way.
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