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Longmont, CO new WFO build - casted over sand

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  • Originally posted by Gulf View Post
    Stucco has to be worked to get the desired finish. It comes in different blends for the different layers. You may be able to sieve (I use an old window screen) some of the larger aggregate out of what you have to get a smoother finish coat. (add the fiber back to the mix) You may also get a smoother finish by using a coarse damp sponge on the finish coat before it totally sets. The damp sponge will knock down the high spots and fill in the low spots.

    The product that I linked is not just a paint. Going up a couple of posts, and referencing the product description, it has most of what David S recommends for the waterproof flexible acrylic coating.
    Thanks. I assume you sieve a dry mix. I have the premixed acrylic stucco that is already wet. It is also pre-colored, but if it doesn't come out the way I hope, I suppose I'll be painting it! My stucco is on a cement board enclosure, with a vent so it doesn't get any heat at all (6" of blanket on dome, plus vermiculite up sides covering 70% of dome area).


    • Originally posted by cnegrelli View Post

      ......I assume you sieve a dry mix. I have the premixed acrylic stucco that is already wet...............
      You are right. I am too old school. I have no experience with all the new products on the market. But, working any stucco will get the surface smother. I hope that it all works out to you satisfaction.
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      • Slow progress due to lots of rainy weather the last few weeks (snow today), but looks clear ahead. I've applied the base coat of cement stucco and I did a test pour of a small counter piece and a keystone brick for my arch facade over the weekend. Used the quikrete counter top mix and melamine forms with good results. Yesterday, I tried a few putting up a few of the ledge stone pieces on the backside of stand (Eldorado's Cascade line that I bought off craigslist cheap). I mixed up my own mortar (still trying to use all that sand I have left over from my dome mold) and attached a few pieces. Will need to figure out how to cut them (time to borrow that wet saw). I also used the extra mortar to coat the storage area under stand. Looks like stucco and a lot better than plain CMUs that were dry stacked.

        One question I have is for countertop support of a span. I plan to pour a 2" thick countertop that extends 3.5" beyond existing stand edges. I've read that most use the ladder-wire rather than rebar, but I'm quite certain I will need more strength to span the 4' or so across the front (see pic). With a 2" thick pour could I use angle iron and or rebar here? If not, why?

        Essentially, I want one continue pour and thus the front section above stand opening will be 3.5" wide, by 2" tall and supported at either end. Will that work?
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        • Well I decided to use 3/8" rebar along the front cantilever 3.5" wide counter and then used the smaller Ladder Wire thorough out the rest of the cast. Used Sakrete Charcoal colorant for each 80 lb bag of Quikrete COuntertop mix. Used SikaLatex Acrylic Fortifier in place of water. Used a single 1.1 gal bottle per 80 lb of concrete mix. This was easy to work with and seemed like a good mix.

          Ended up sprinkling some crushed glass onto the surface at the end and working in a bit. Not sure I did that right and hope I don't regret it. Not sure I got it down far enough as it's definitely mostly exposed.

          Picked up a wet polisher on craigslist. Would like to start polishing/grinding near end of week. Too early?