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    Nice job with the pebbles - I like the look!
    My build thread


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      Are you planning on a roof? I also built an 'exposed igloo' style and am planning a roof but keep going back and forth on the idea.
      Just curious, where did you put your breather?

      Nice work.
      - George

      My Build


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        Looks nice! If you didn't dump most of the toppings from your first pizza into the oven you're way ahead or me

        Chimney...mine goes up about 2ft over the top of the dome....with the chimney at the front of the dome the way ovens are built I don't see how it can possibly draft like a fireplace so I'm pretty sure the point of the chimney is just to keep the smoke out of your face so nearly anything you build is "right" as long as it big enough ID.....but my total oven building experience is 1 so take that into account when considering my opinion