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High Heat Mortar Primer

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    Re: High Heat Mortar Primer


    Is it correct that you plan to cast your dome and not use bricks with high heat mortar in between?

    I have no experience in casting a pizza oven dome. But I would be very hesitant in doing so without a structural reinforced concrete dome. Dense high heat castablel concrete may good (I do not now), but you should consider reinforcement by using iron reinforcement. Refractory cast needs to cure and sinter at the right temperature to obtain strength and I am not used to think of such a concrete as a structural layer. But I am not an expert here.

    I guess the dome diameter and diameter/height ratio comes in as a parameter. Unless this is a very small build I would consult someone who has done this before.



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      Looking for some advice. We've found a product at Bunnings in Oz which is a premix of sand, cement and hydrated lime https://dingocement.com.au/product/m...ix-handy-pack/ We called Dingo and they let us know the ratio is 3-4 parts sand: 1 part cement: 1 part lime. We're adding 1 part fireclay to this for our mortar. Can anyone see any issues with using this product that we haven't realised? Or has anyone used this product?
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        Hello from frosty Wisconsin, I had very good luck with using a home brew mortar. My quantities were, 3 parts silica sand, 1 part lime, 1 part cement, 1 part fireclay. I used a paddle on a electric drill to mix. Mix only the amount you will use in a short time, as it sets fast. I dry mixed before adding water. My posts/ pictures are under Campmaki, hope this helps.