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If you had the chance to rebuild your oven, what would you change?

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  • Originally posted by cobblerdave View Post
    re: If you had the chance to rebuild your oven, what would you change?

    Hi all
    wouldn;t change much
    pompei brick oven to forno plans everything is tried and proven ....right down to the herringbone patern of laying the hearth so the peel don't catch.
    42 inch yes.... 3 pizza at once....good size entrance great for big pans could not see anything under 32 in being usefull
    fire brick and ceramic insulation yes.....firebrick store a goodly amount of heat and ceramic keeps it in for longer usable slow cooking time.
    Deep entrance yep.... Love having a area for an "ambient" fire in the front. 42 in has big opening so it makes no difference to operating the oven.
    Igloo dome yes....just like the look
    dome built on a plywwod would use the indespensable tool if theres a next time.
    Stand with one entrance for would have a entrance on either side for easy of access theres some wood down the back of mine thats been there since its been built!
    Cut all the brick angles with a Did it with bulster and diamond blade on well enough and didn't take to much time and still produces a dome which is a strong structure itself.
    Use the forum more.. Big yes...not a big computer user and never been in a forum theres heaps of information and some truely awsome builds in here.
    regards dave
    dave"s build australian section
    this is lovely!!!


    • Originally posted by Les View Post
      Re: If you had the chance to rebuild your oven, what would you change?

      Most can - one will melt at 900 deg. All I am saying is that it would be very cool to have an internal light. Someone will do it on this forum, I am sure of that.

      I am very much contemplating the internal light....:

      all help appreciated!!


      • Go with a halogen light. This is what I bought for my build, and high temp wire.

        This is what I bought. Not installed yet. Stay tuned