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  • Where I'm at ....

    so we've cooked again with my kids and mum - another learning experience where the oven was a bit too hot in efforts to saturate the brick! Again - happy mediums - we'll get it!

    I have put on the lathing for the scratch coat for the stone and the furring strips for the cedar sides.
    Finished the gabling and trim - if I ever have to put a screw through a steel stud again it will be too soon! ha!

    it is all cosmetic now - I just wish I could get at it.
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    • Granite came in!

      Was planning on using black granite for hearth, side table and moving table - but it apparently snapped in the shop!!
      The fellow doing the work (all granite for free and labour too - a favour) chose another granite that, at first, I didn't like - but something about a gift horse in the mouth???

      The lads came to install it and - I have to say - it is growing on me - lovely texture and like the two tone - reminds me of cafe's in Italy!
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      • Originally posted by Baza View Post
        Hello Forno Friends!

        Many thanks to the kind words from all of you supporting the build. I have been thrown a total surprise from my genes ... I had double-bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. One of those "we better do this" operations. Strangely, I felt fit, strong and good, but my genetic predisposition to high cholesterol all but blocked the left side of my heart. The discovery was on a Monday - and the surgery the Friday. I've been recuperating since. It has been tough, but I have so much gratitude.

        The oven is done structurally and only awaiting its cosmetic finish that I cannot do (stained-cedar sides/back and stone skirt/front). I will update some pics of the process where I'm at

        BUT - in spite of all these events - we finally made PIZZA!!!!
        it was EXQUISITE!!!! Light, airy crust, delicious homemade, garden sauce and Valerio's touch!!
        My partner, Michelle and her brother worked the Pizza joint and their expertise at shaping and forming the pizzas was wonderful - the whole Visca crew was there for the first cook - and it was emotional.

        Thank you for your support - I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the oven in these circumstances before the winter - I'm asking locals if they "know a person" ... sigh - really wanted to do it all myself.

        In any event - I have life and a strong prognosis for successful health ... and Pizza!

        Take care Friends
        Congratulations on your first pizzas! And good to hear you have a new lease of life with the ticker! Take it easy!
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        • Barry, I also missed the post about your surgery - we were recently admiring your gifted granite and didn't look at the previous page. Glad you are doing better, and glad you didn't find out about the blockage the "hard" way! Also saw your comment about the first fire in your oven. A picture of my first fire is the screen saver on my laptop ;-)
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