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  • Just finished the fab work on my door and now have to decide how to finish it. It’s 4” thick with 2 layers of 2” CaSi board inside 2 welded steel arches. Each one fits inside the respective opening. Should hold heat inside pretty well since it fits with only 1/4” of side to side movement. A piece of rope insulation will take care of that once it’s coated.

    Click image for larger version

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    • The front of the door with “hot rivet” accents holding an overly. Not really, they are just decorative but welded on the back side. Click image for larger version

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      • Door number 3 for my pizza oven... This one is for when baking the day after making pizza. It's made from 3mm steel sheet and is an inch thick, stuffed full of ceramic insulation.
        It's not as insulating as my "overnight door" due to so much steel connecting the front and back, BUT has a 36cm wide opening and is ideal for baking during the day with lots of opening and closing - avoiding lifting the 14kg insulating door in and out.
        I'm far from a professional welder, but it is amazing what can be done with an angle grinder and a stick welder. Very happy!
        Only painted on the outside, away from flames (with very high heat paint). Oiled (vegetable) on the inside only.
        Doors 1 and 2
        The first two doors are of my "overnight door" - a highly insulating beast to keep all of the heat in overnight after making pizza (#148 in this thread), and my single skin door for during the burn, with a removable baffle at the bottom to control how much air enters; mostly used with baffle fully removed to allow air to sweep in at the bottom (#149 in this thread).
        That's me done for doors!!! :-)
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        • JimShortz , I like your door within a door - clever design!
          My build thread


          • Originally posted by JRPizza View Post
            JimShortz , I like your door within a door - clever design!
            Thank you; very kind. It's far from an original thought, but the design features that make this one work well are an inner lip that the small door seals against, hinges set well back so that with the door open the full 36cm is available for my biggest tray to fit in (35cm!), and support legs designed such that they are strong but can be modified with a big hammer to ensure the perfect angle for the outer door to seal! :-)