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  • Hi Baza, just caught up on your build thread - nice work. I was sort of AWOL from the forum this summer with painting and restoring our old house and lost track of many of the builds. Like you I got a late(ish) start and had to suspend work for the winter after I closed out my dome. I used the down time to design my vent and chimney and cut most of remaining bricks so it was time well spent. Was able to get on it in the spring and was cooking in the oven by the start of summer! Looking forward to seeing you finish and for any recipes your father-in-law can share with us!
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    • Wow, just got caught up on your build. It sure brought back memories. Some good, some bad. Looking forward seeing the progress from here on. Well done so far.
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      • JRPizza great to hear from you and thank you for the encouragements - It has been AGES since I have returned to this forum - out of hibernation and chomping to get going!!
        modified9v Thanks for the kind words! Yes- the heart sinks and rises in this process indeed!

        Just uncovered her and she weathered this Canadian winter well - the tent over it didn't - so got another and did a once over ... seems fine!!
        Going to clean and mortar some gaps inside and have drawn up rudimentary plans for the Arch Gallery - having read through JR's and Mikie's builds (again) I see the potential for a serpentine flue - but am nervous given my skills - I like the compromise to a minimalist base with mortared in plate you did Mikie - the serpentine may be a bit beyond me.
        mongota has a similar (somewhat simple if not REALLY inventive) approach to screwing in the base and using sealant to allow for expansion ..

        Jury out for this kid for now

        Decided NOT to flare the opening - just want to get the damn thing done and enclosed!
        The loss of manouverability side to side was so nominal as not to warrant the extra cutting and headaches of doing one.

        So - hoping for a break in the weather to start the process - will likely be an arch informed by Mongota and Mikie ... or it will all go to hell and I'll put something together that I haven't even though of yet! HA!

        Looking forward to being back at this and joining you in the feeling of your first fire, first pie.

        Can't wait! 2021 needs a bit of joy!!
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        • You probably saw my struggle with the serpentine flu I did, but in the end I had an “Aha moment” and it really wasn’t that bad. I like the way it drafts once the Dutra vent gets up to temp. I love looking up into that chamber even still. Love showing it off to guests... it’s a conversation piece for sure.
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          • Hello Forno Friends!

            I hope everyone is doing well - staying safe and cooking like fiends!!
            Been great opening up the build from the winter - did some interior cleaning (yep, wiggled in, sanded, ground and filled some mortar gaps), did some measuring and drafting and eager to start the Vent area and the enclosure ..

            A couple of questions:
            1. I have a segmented entrance arch (straight sides). Early builds like this (eg. Dino's) did NOT have buttressing, yet recent forum searches suggest one cannot live with out it. I don't plan on having a large assembly to provide a base for the chimney (it will be much like Russell's and Mongo's and others') so there's weight - but not 4 storey's high! QUESTION: do I NEED to buttress this arch or no? If so, should the buttressing follow the line of curve from the arch and take it to the hearth floor?
            2. Gauge of steel for frame is a mild debate. Some say 24-26 gauge is ok. But the frame has to hold both concrete board AND stone veneer. I read that 16-20 gauge is more the thickness for such a plan. QUESTION: should I be using something in the 16-20 range? Follow up - if in the 16-20 range, can it be cut by snips - or will I need a blade for my saw?
            Thank you everyone - take care
            You are welcome to visit my build HERE